Rotary China Team meeting
7:00 pm19:00

Rotary China Team meeting

November meeting of Rotary China Team will take place on 12th floor of Asionics building.

Starts promptly at 19:00 and finishes promptly at 20:00.

Agenda and reports to be circulated in advance in Basecamp (Rotary China project).

2015 Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
9:00 am09:00

2015 Presidents-Elect Training Seminar

  • Beijing China

2015 Presidents-Elect Training Seminar - will be held this year in Shanghai in the 12th floor training facility provided by Huaqiao Foundation. Details to follow from Secretary Hennie.

PETS is mandatory within RI for all incoming Presidents in order to take office. It is recommended for incoming Secretaries as well.

It will be followed one month later by the District Training Assembly for Presidents to train their incoming club leaders (officers and directors) to take office.

Preliminary reading material for PETS is the Club President's Manual which each PE should have a hardcopy of - softcopy can be downloaded here (9.7 MB).

More resources available here:

District Team Training Seminar
10:00 am10:00

District Team Training Seminar

  • Huaqiao Foundation

The 2015 DTTS will be held in Shanghai. Location and details to follow in Basecamp via Secretary Hennie. 

District team training seminar prepares assistant governors and district committee leaders for their roles and provides an opportunity to work on their district goals. 

See more info in Basecamp to prepare for this Seminar.

76th Anniversary of Rotary Chengdu Celebration
Jan 10

76th Anniversary of Rotary Chengdu Celebration

9 January will celebrate 76 years since the founding of the Rotary Club of Chengdu - and President Michael is planning to make it a party to remember - in true Chengdu club fashion.

Mark it in your calendars and try to attend!

8:00 am08:00

Youth Leadership Seminar

Rotary Shanghai's youth services committee under PP Nikola Urosevic is organizing the first Youth Leadership Seminar for Rotaract and Interact on Sunday 23 November. This all day event is being held in the Lotus NGO centre within President Frank's Asionics Technology building in Shanghai.