Exchange Ideas /碰撞思想

We haven't met a Rotarian yet who doesn't have a new idea – or a strong opinion (at least in China!) This is part of our nature as business and community leaders. Rotary encourages Rotarians to share their ideas and we have many opportunities to do so.


Exchanging AT the Club Level / 扶轮社内部交流

Since 99% of the work that Rotarians do is done at the club level, it all starts with our weekly meetings. One of the unique facets of Rotary is that each club around the world is required to meet weekly - to create a stronger bond between members but also to keep them continually up to date on club matters - and to seek their input.


Club Committees / 扶轮社委员会

Most Rotary projects are led by committees of Rotarians. Committees may be ongoing like our "Service Projects" committee or our "Rotary Foundation" committee - or they may be focused around a particular service project such as our "Gift of Life" projects.


Club Fellowship / 扶轮社联谊

Outside of our formal club meetings, any club fellowship activity, spontaneous or planned, is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas about club projects, club management, the direction the club is going, etc.


Club Projects / 扶轮社项目

Individual projects are the best opportunity to engage with other members and share ideas while we sharpen our own tools helping others. Many projects are iterative and by getting involved we can bring new ideas into action.


Sponsored Clubs (rotaract and INteract)/辅导青年社(扶青团及扶少团)

In the Rotary family, Rotarians only see a third of the picture. The other two thirds is seen by our Rotaract project partners and sponsored Interact club. Joining their club meetings and activities, or vice versa, we are able to see and seize new opportunities and improve on our own projects and activities.


Exchanging At the District Level / 地区活动交流

Rotary China  Events 扶轮中国活动

Rotary China arranges several events throughout the year that are opportunities to exchange ideas with Rotarians, Rotaracters, Interacters and supporters in the community.

  • Rotary China Conference 
  • Youth Leadership Training Seminar
  • Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
  • District Assembly
  • Grants Management Seminar


  •  扶轮中国年会
  •  青年领导培训讲习会
  •  社长当选人培训讲习会
  •  地区讲习会
  •  扶轮基金讲习会

View our district planning calendar here.