Dr. Cheng Che-Min is coming!

We have terrific news to share today that Dr. Cheng Che-Min (Zheng Zhemin) is coming to join our Rotary China Conference and to give us a presentation about his thoughts as a 1948 Rotary Fellow (graduate scholarship recipient) from China to the USA.

Dr. Cheng was honoured in 2013 with China’s top science award  and spent 6 years in the USA from 1949 before returning to help build up new China in 1955.

 Cheng Che-Min 1955

Cheng Che-Min 1955

We are very pleased that with the help of Herbert Lau we have found him and made contact with him - and successfully invited him to join our Shanghai conference.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear what Dr. Cheng has to say - so make sure you register now!