Drokri Community Water Project - Completed

 Drinking water now more readily accessible in Drokri Community

Drinking water now more readily accessible in Drokri Community

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

I am very pleased to report the successful implementation of a running water project for Drokri (Herijiao) Community (in Ninxiu (Nyin phyug) Township Town, Zeku (Rtse khog) County Town, Huangnan (Rma lho) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province). 

A contribution of 129,800RMB from the Rotary Club of Beijing and 15,065RMB from the Rotary Club of Muenchen Blutenburg, plus a local contribution of 86,280RMB, ensured clean water to 240 Tibetan residents (37 households).

Before the project, Drokri Community’s biggest problem was a lack of water. Locals had to travel 5 to 9 kilometers (6 to 7 hours) to water livestock and fetch drinking water. Fetching water was culturally assigned to women who carried 25 kg of water in plastic containers on a daily basis. Donkeys, motorcycles, old tires, and tractors were also used to haul water. Due to lack of adequate water, villagers rarely washed clothes and showered. Consequently, locals were vulnerable to illnesses caused by poor personal hygiene.

This project brought water to both local people and livestock and has solved environmental degradation problems in the community. Livestock were driven once every two days to the distant water source. Much grass was damaged and could not feed the livestock that lived on it. This resulted in villagers needing to buy grass to feed livestock, which reduced their annual income. Now, with multiple water taps in the community, livestock no longer travel far across grassland to a single water source.

Furthermore, conflict was common between neighbor families and communities due to sharing the water source between households. Locals easily became involved in serious fighting. However, this issue no longer exists as multiple water taps are available adjacent to local households.

During project implementation, the local water bureau provided support and facilitated challenges of project designs. Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Beijing, especially Regula Hwangma and Robert Xing, also contributed helpful insights in project design. Local community contributed both labor and cash for trench digging and engaged the project throughout implementation. Many local men also learned basic water maintenance skills such as connecting pipes and repair.

Further details and photographs of the project are available in the attached pdf final report.

Photographs are also made available at flickr (vpn required in PRC): https://www.flickr.com/photos/friendshipcharityassociation/sets/72157648464427857/

Finally, we sincerely thank you for bringing this great gift to us.