Brilliant Conference Promotion Video

Happy Halloween!

Olya has told me that Vladimir Vladimirovich (President Putin) may ban Halloween in Russia which I think is a real bummer but the Rotary spirit is going strong in Russia and today I received from PDG Vladimir Donskoi, the "godfather" of Rotary's rebirth in Siberia and the Russian Far East a link to the above promotional video.

It is very entertaining and I encourage you all to watch it. As a Canadian I was moved by the frequent references to microbreweries (there is always some truth in a stereotype) and by the scenery from the same region where I grew up. The only bad news is they picked the same weekend for their 2015 conference as we have for ours next year.

If you like what you see - send a note to DGE Kevin Crosby. I don't have a personal mail for him but this is the contact page for his company: