Hamiltonians Promote Cross-cultural Understanding

Canadians React to Ottawa Shooting Racism

The 4th object of Rotary compels us to promote "The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace..." and as a Canadian I am really proud that from birth a message of multiculturalism and tolerance for different peoples, beliefs, etc has been drummed into my head. It fits so well with the worldview that we share as Rotarians and for me it is very natural.

I come from Hamilton in Canada, a former steeltown with a wide range of ethnicities that has continually evolved over the years. It is a bit of a tough town, historically centre of the mafia in Canada and some pretty bad-ass bikers. I used to think it was polluted (it isn't) and since I once worked in a rough end of town I never would have thought of the city as a beacon of hope for racial tolerance, but the video above that was just shared with me by a friend blows me away.

I am proud to share this with my friends in China to see cross-cultural understanding being defended by the donut loving common man/woman in Canada - at the bus stop at the corner of King & James street - in the "Hammer".