2014 Conference Results

Last week our valiant booking partner Jonathan from Clearcut finally managed to wrestle out of Yoopay the balance owing for reservations that were paid in the latter days before the conference.

We have now settled all outstanding accounts and the result is that this year we were able to make this conference self-sustaining and turned a small surplus of RMB 16,374.91.

This is important because we do not assess any "district" levy from the members of clubs in China and our stated objective is to use the funds we have carried forward for training and events. So we are in good shape to launch our Spring training (PETS and DA sessions) and may continue to self-finance our 2015 Rotary China Conference.

Thank you so much to the donors and sponsors who helped make the conference not just a success, but a financial success as well:

Checkout some images from the conference: