Training for Youth Club Leaders

For Interact and Rotaract Club Officers, Committee Chairs and Advisers

On 23rd of November 2014, for the first time in our District, Youth Club Leadership Training program was organized and conducted under the direction of the District Programs committee and Youth Service committee of Rotary Club of Shanghai.

It was designed to develop the leadership skills of Interact and Rotaract club officers and committee chairmen and teacher advisers, in order to improve the effectiveness of their clubs. In addition, it was meant to be a means to get the students from our Interact and Rotaract clubs and Rotarians together to exchange ideas, improve communication, explore the possibilities of joint projects and simply have fun together.

Qualified Rotarians ( Board members, Committee Chairs, Past President, Prsident, District officers ) and school advisors served as facilitators and every Rotaract and Interact club officer and committee chairperson was present.

We had 63 participants from 7 Interact clubs, 2 Rotaract Clubs, and also students from our two Rotaract clubs in the process of registration and Rotarians from Rotary Club of Shanghai.
To encourage active participation by all in attendance, training was scheduled in two parts. First part was the leadership development workshop designed by the Ecube-Global and executed by Mr Philipp Baumann. Everyone, Rotarians and Rotaracters and Interacters, very well received this leadership development workshop.

Second part was strictly Rotary related and organized as an working lunch in five small break-out sessions on topics related to roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Service – Community and International. There was also a session only for interact advisers. Rotarians and Board members of Rotary Club of Shanghai facilitated break out sessions.  

The training was a great success. We have great feed-back from both Interacters, Rotaracters and Rotarians. We all learned something new that day, we learned about each other, learned about our roles and responsibilities.

Most importantly, our youth club members got to know each other. They exchanged contact information and we already have mailing lists for treasurers, secretaries and presidents. Some joint projects and events are pending and we’ll keep you informed about progress.

We agreed to start working on formation of the District Interact Council. We are expecting all Interact Clubs to propose members who would be willing to join the District Council and coordinate the work of all our Interact Clubs. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Special thank you goes to the people and organizations that helped us in preparation and execution of this training:

  • Ecube Global and Mr Philippp Baumann – for organizing the leadership development workshop. []
  • Rotarians:  Motohiro Yamane, Michel De Vriendt, Terry Chu, Andrew Hill, Frank Yih, Yvon Russon, C.M. Tsang and DRR Alexander Ma
  • HuaQiao Foundation – for providing the venue for the training
  • Edith Du – for organizing the registration and helping the facilitation of the secretaries workshop
  • Rio Yuan – for providing the office material necessary for workshops
  • HULT Business school – for providing the flipcharts
  • SHERPA’s and Mark Secchia – for providing the beverages

Yours in Rotary,

Nikola Urosevic

mob:  +86 13916432141

Youth Service Committee Chair, 2014-15, RC Shanghai
District Rotary Programs Chair, 2013-16, District 0052
Past President 2006-07, RC of Beograd - Centar