Kunshan Mandarin Fellowship Launched

On Monday night we were pleased to finally kickoff the new Kunshan Fellowship - our third Mandarin speaking fellowship in China.

This first meeting was the end result of several months of preparation by PP Rudolf Chiou who has been meeting with Rotarians in Kunshan and in Taiwan since the summertime to assemble a core of committed past and future Rotary leaders to take charge of the club.

14 people were in attendance for the first formal meeting of the Fellowship. The meeting began with a brief welcome speech by SR Randal and Shanghai President Frank and then was followed by self-introductions by each participant. 

PP Rudolf gave a 20 minute overview of Rotary for the benefit of of non-Rotarians in the room and this was then followed by some "volunteering" of 4 members to take up the key roles within the club of:

  • [Acting] President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Chair

The next meeting is planned for 7 January 2015 (a Wednesday) and it is planned to begin with bi-weekly meetings.