Our 11th Club is Born in China

We are pleased to announce that our 11th club has been launched in China - the Rotary Club of Beijing Chaoyang (Provisional).

This club meets every Thursday evening, 18:15-19:00 for a fellowship cocktail and then 19:00-20:00 for dinner.

Venue: 2nd Floor, Guanghua Lu, (west of China World III)
Chaoyang District, Beijing
北京光华路 诺安基金大厦2层(佳美口腔)


Ruby Chang, Past President, Rotary Club of Beijing
RI Extension Representative to China


This is our second club in Beijing, our second Chinese speaking club, and the first Chinese speaking club ever established in the history of Beijing. It has members from 5 Chinese speaking countries and regions and is more than 50% ladies - so it is bound for success!

Pay them a visit!