4-Way Test in Kyrgyz

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You may know that currently Rotarian Roy Douthitt has been appointed New Club Special Representative for Chongqing, endeavouring to start up a fellowship in this vast teeming city of almost 30 million people. Roy was previously a member of the Rotary Club of Bishkek, capital of our neighbour to the West, Kyrgyzstan.

Recently I asked Roy to help us get a Kyrgyz version to add to our Multilingual Four-Way Test project. Here I am happy to share with you, plus while looking up the club on the web, I found a wonderful song that the Bishkek club performed in 2013 in support of one of their service projects, which I will also share with you below.



менен ойлобуз, сулойбуз же жасайбыз.

  1. Бул ЧЫНДЫКбы?
  2. Бул баарына карата АДИЛЕЕТУУбу?
  3. Бул ДОСТУКту жакшыртып жана ОЗ ЭРКин чындайтбы?
  4. Бул баарына ПАЙДАЛУУБУ?

Rotary Club of Bishkek

Rotary Club of Bishkek sings "We are the World".