2015 PETS a Success!

On Saturday the 28th Rotary China held its first proper Presidents-Elect Training Session, where we had a pool of 30 presidents-elect, club secretaries and presidents-nominee to share the moment with some of our district leaders.

Represented were:

  1. Beijing
  2. Beijing Mandarin (fellowship)
  3. Chengdu
  4. Kunshan (fellowship)
  5. Nanning (fellowship)
  6. Shanghai
  7. Shanghai Fresh Start
  8. Shanghai West
  9. Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui (Provisional)
  10. Suzhou (Provisional)

Four of the above clubs are Chinese language clubs and so this was also a big change for us, and while we were not able yet to have all our materials in Chinese, we had the very capable York Zhou, a graduate of Shanghai International Studies University onsite to provide interpretation for our Mandarin club leaders.

Our fast paced morning session was followed by a snappy 2 hour Grant Management Seminar that was also a good learning experience for all who attended.