New Team Members

This week Rotary China has added a new Assistant Governor, PP Hennie Homan bringing our team of Assistant Governors, all of whom are past club presidents, to four members.

The club groupings have been adjusted to be more balanced and logical and to better prepare us for future changes that are heading our way this year. Club groupings are not strictly based on geographic territories but also take into account our language needs as now have become bilingual with the charter of our first Chinese language club - "Shanghai West".

The AG's are now organized as follows:

  • Area 1 - "North" - PP Ruby Chang
  • Area 2 - "East" - PP Roger Owens
  • Area 3 - "South" - PP Rudolf Chiou
  • Area 4 - "West" - PP Hennie Homan

Additional changes of note to our Rotary China Team include:

Effective now

  • District Finance - Rtn. C.M. Tsang
  • District Alumni - Rtn. C.M. Tsang
  • Peace Fellowships - Rtn. Motohiro Yamane
  • Rotaract - Rtn. Frank Mulligan
  • IT - PP Alexander Ma
  • Audit - PP Jens Dreier

Effective 1 July

  • New Club Development - PP Frank Yih
  • PolioPlus - PP Piper Tseng
  • International Convention Promotion - PP Piper Tseng
  • EREY/Annual Fund - PP Mike Mulligan
  • District Service Projects - PP Frank Yih

Because of our continually changing circumstances in China and the job demands on our members, our team is a bit unusual in that it evolves several times throughout the year.