Save Kids Lives

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The Save Kids Lives global grant prevents the injury/death of thousands of kids in China by providing training and community outreach on the importance and proper usage of child safety seats. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of children in China, responsible for the loss of 18,500 kids every year (50 each day!). Although child safety seats can reduce serious injuries/death in 80-90% of traffic accidents, the usage rate in China is currently less than 5% with more than 80% of Chinese parents believing that an infant is safer held in the arms of an adult than secured in a child safety seat.

In three large China cities—Chongqing, Dalian and Shanghai—the project provides child safety seat training for up to 100 community leaders working with parents and young children (doctors, teachers, police, community centers, parent leaders), community outreach for families on the importance of child safety seats, and free public events for up to 50,000 families with education on child safety seats and training for proper installation and fitting.

We hope that your club will consider this project as we endeavor to show children in China that Rotary Clubs from around the world care about their safety.

We welcome your questions. Thank you for your consideration and kind support,

Harriet Gaywood
Save Kids Lives GG Committee Chair